About the Firm

In 2011, Jimmy Ardoin left one of the nation’s top criminal defense firms in order to start his own firm.  His goal was simple: to provide the highest level representation in both criminal and civil litigation.  Our courtroom experience, our knowledge of how to use technology in the courtroom, and our knowledge of how to connect with both the judge and the jury allows us to meet that goal with every client.  Today the firm represents individuals and entities at all stages of criminal and civil litigation in federal courts across the country and state courts all across Texas.

We are experienced with high stakes litigation in both the criminal and civil arenas.  People come to us when their life, liberty, and freedom are on the line.  Our firm excels at representing people and companies with serious legal issues.

In trials there are winners and there are losers; at ArdoinLaw, PLLC we know how to win.